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Custom Cloud Birth Announcement ~ Hand-Painted Acrylic

Custom Cloud Birth Announcement ~ Hand-Painted Acrylic

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Our bespoke collection of hand-painted acrylic keepsakes are sure to be not only a beautiful addition to your child's nursery or bedroom now, but pieces that are likely to be treasured for years to come.

Our stunning hand-painted name plaque is a gorgeous way to announce your new bub.

Our colours are -
~ Tan
~ Beige
~ Rose Pink
~ Peach
~ Sky Blue
~ Clear 
~ Clear frosted

And our finishes are -
~ Matte (Frosted acrylic)
~ Gloss (Standard clear acrylic)

I am no longer doing the cream white plaque & tan coloured vinyl for Custom Announcements as the vinyl is just too hard to work with. However, I am more then happy to do cream white plaque + white vinyl if requested.

Our plaques are made from 3mm clear or frosted clear acrylic. The back of the plaques are hand-painted and sealed with an acrylic sealer. If you choose a clear or clear frosted plaque, the back will not be painted. The wording on the front is cut from premium permanent white vinyl. Please understand that depending on the names & letters, length of names & your font choices, the vinyl cuts can be extremely intricate and not cut perfectly.

They are handmade with a whole lot of love and no two will ever be the same. Colours may appear slightly different in the photos. These plaques are hand-painted and upon holding them to the light, you may see light roller strokes. 

Size : H 11cm W 15cm

Safety Information

These pieces are made strictly for decoration purposes only. They must be placed high where little hands cannot reach them. If using for photography purposes, please do not allow babies/ children to play with or mouth the plaque. Paint will chip easily and is not safe for ingestion. To clean, lightly go over plaque with a soft cloth - excessive rubbing of vinyl can cause lettering to come off.

Turnaround Time

I am made to order. Generally I will be crafted within one week before making my journey to you.

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